A management facilitation consultant should be different from simple contract help. Over the past decade however, consultant and contractor have become increasingly interchangeable.

Business Planning Consultants

What we mean by “Strategy”

management facilitation

Strategy addresses how and why.  That is, how and why does what you decide to do, give you the ability to outcompete? T | M | G strategy consultants help you improve clarity on  current market dynamics, gain better foresight and stimulate your strategic creativity.  Our facilitated approach ensures organizational engagement, skills transfer and implementation ownership.  We will help you develop solutions and the case for how and why they deliver.

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How is TMG different?

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Your situation and needs are unique.  Your strategy expectations will reflect your current situation.  You will be better advanced on some fronts, not others, with your own timeframe.  The issues and opportunities you face will be unique.  We do not offer a single process but a customised strategy development process.  T | M | G draws on over 25 strategy development tools to customise the process to what you need.  T | M | G are professionally experienced enough to offer process flexibility yet seasoned enough to retain rigour and process integrity.

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When do you need help?

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Right now you might need an urgent strategy document review from an objective and confidential 3rd party.  (See the services menu above) Later might need help to respond to a specific change in your market dynamics.  Next year, you might want help with a complete strategy redevelopment.

T | M | G Consulting Directors are trusted sounding board for many CEOs. We are an executive team facilitator through a whole of business strategy review. We are experienced and rigorous, expert and seasoned.
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